Major Online Casino UK Service Has Accusations Aimed at Them

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The online casino UK market can be seen as one of the largest in the world, with that comes many advantages. One of these being that UK players have access to some of the newest games to hit the industry. With this access, also comes the availability of great new online casinos. As a result, many of the newest casinos making a name for themselves such as are providing players with the latest features. Keeping up to date with the latest features not only gives players a great experience while playing. But also keeps them safe while gambling online. 

As a result, an industry as big as the online casino UK market needs some kind of control. Without any rules or controls, the market would fall into chaos. Therefore, any casino whether it is online or land-based that operates in the UK are regulated. Being regulated by one of the most known regulators in the industry allows UK casinos to hold a safety standard. The task of keeping all of the casinos in check falls down to the Gambling Commission. With the rules and regulations they make being put into law, every online casino UK platform must follow them. Many online casinos like Casimboo never stray from the rules. Therefore, following them to ensure they are always holding the high safety standard expected of them.

However, some casino operators think that they can stray from the rules. This is not acceptable in the view of the Gambling Commission, as a result, they are dealt with accordingly. 

Online Casino UK Company Ladbrokes Broke the Rules

In 2018, evidence was found that the well known online casino UK company Ladbrokes severely disregarded the Gambling Commissions regulations. As a result, it was found that they offered ‘extras’ for problem gamblers, the opposite of what the Gambling Commissions regulations require in this instance. It was also found that they paid off the problem gamblers ‘victims’ £1m in return for a pledge not to inform the Commission. 

Some of the ‘extras’ that the problem gambler was offered include Free tickets to football matches, boxing matches and business class flights. Also, showering the player with thousands of pounds worth of gifts over two years. One instance saw Ladbrokes paying for return flights from Dubai to London so the player could attend an Arsenal and Tottenham derby game. Even going as far as to invite the player to the company box at Royal Ascot. Other gifts were also given to the player, including luxury Christmas hampers and a birthday gift of £3,500 credit added to his account. Ladbrokes still persisted in sending gifts to the player even when showing he had not placed a bet for 5 months. 

However, it was later found that the player who was a business owner in Dubai admitted to stealing the funds to support his habit. Taking huge amounts from his business clients to support his high-roller £60,000 a day habit. 

Where did Ladbrokes Fail?

The victims of the player made complaints against online casino UK company Ladbrokes, for accepting the stolen funds from the player. As a result, they agreed to pay the victims a combined sum of £975,000. However, it is evident that within the settlement are terms that in order to receive the money, no complaints to regulators can be made. When the Gambling Commission saw this evidence, they began to inquire about the serious failings that had come to light. Even more surprising is that Ladbrokes are a very well known company within the online casino UK market. Is this a case of a big ego giving the thoughts that the rules do not apply? One thing is for certain, if this was done by a smaller online casino, the punishment would be devastating. 

Although Ladbrokes said that they are cooperating with the Gambling Commission. They decided that they would not make a comment on their behaviour at that time. Vip programs offered by casinos often provide players with gifts and incentives to carry on playing. However, they do not often go as far as what Ladbrokes did in this instance. This is just one of the stories that are influencing the discussion on the future of VIP programs. Coming under fire from multiple angles, there is a very uncertain time ahead for players that qualify to be a VIP player. 

In relation to the other issue at hand, research has found that several of the major online casino UK companies have been hit with fines. With these being multi-million-pound fines, the regulator has managed to extract millions in penalties. All regarding failures regarding money-laundering and problem gambling controls. Therefore, some of the well-known brands to have been fined include William Hill, Paddy Power, 888 and SkyBet.

The Future of VIP Programs

With online casino UK player safety being the top priority of not only the Gambling Commission but also online casinos, everyone wants a decision. However, it is not an easy one to make showing that it may have devastating effects on the market. With the recent ban on credit cards as well as limiting stakes on games, the industry may begin to struggle. Although regular players may not be impacted by the VIP program decision, it is set to have major implications for every casino operating in the UK casino market. 

As previous investigations similar to this have resulted in market changes. Therefore, we can expect some new regulations to come into play. However, the Gambling Commission will stick to its aim of keeping players safe. This will mean more changes for online casinos to adhere to. Many online casinos will follow these rules for fear of a fine. However, it is the bigger casino brands that seem to break the rules more often. Will the Commission look at the overall behaviour of these companies? With this being the trend, it has shown to be slowly influencing players to try new safer online casinos. As a result, the smaller brands may finally have a chance in a heavily populated industry.