3 products to make your pregnancy more comfortable

Sarah Lifestyle

While some women breeze through their pregnancy with no problems at all, for other mums-to-be, this can be an uncomfortable and exhausting nine months. So that you can enjoy the lead up to when your baby arrives, here are three must-have products that might help reduce some of your pregnancy niggles.

Pregnancy is like this incredible rollercoaster ride for the body, bringing both excitement and some not-so-fun moments. In the beginning, the first trimester hits some women with morning sickness and a level of fatigue that’s practically Olympic. But hey, as the belly grows, so does the adaptation – your body’s way of getting used to the little tenant setting up shop inside. Sure, there might be backaches and swollen ankles, but it’s like your body is gearing up for the grand finale.

Eating becomes a bit of a science experiment during pregnancy. Regular check-ups become a thing too, keeping tabs on everything from your iron levels to the little one’s heartbeat. Under the guidance of their healthcare provider, you could also undergo testing to get a more personalized healthcare experience. And of course, no partying with alcohol or hanging out in smoke-filled rooms; it’s strictly a clean-living gig. Emotional health is just as important – the hormones are throwing a rave in your body, and everyone’s invited. Having a solid support crew and maybe joining a prenatal yoga class (or a support group where everyone gets that pregnancy brain is a real thing) can make a world of difference.

That being said, let’s look at some things that can make this journey a bit more comfortable for you.

  1. A maternity support band

As your bump grows, it’s likely you’ll start to feel strain on your back. To help you out, you could invest in a maternity support band. This product tends to be made of a soft and stretchy seamless material, and it is to be worn around the middle of your body. The band works to be gentle yet firmly supportive below and to the sides of your bump, and it can be effective in relieving pressure on your lower back and abdomen. It helps to reduce any discomfort and prevents the risk of muscle strain. Maternity support bands are available from a wide range of high street stores that have a designated baby department or from a leading health website like www.lloydspharmacy.com. Available in a range of colours, this product is discreet and will expand as your stomach grows throughout your pregnancy.

  1. A comfortable mattress

When you’re pregnant, finding the right mattress becomes super important for your comfort and getting a good night’s sleep. A comfy mattress can have a bunch of benefits for you. Its soft surface can really help ease the pressure on your hips, lower back, and shoulders, which are taking on extra weight during pregnancy. That can make you feel way comfier and sleep better. Plus, a soft mattress can be gentler on your joints, making it easier to get in and out of bed or shift positions without straining yourself. If you’re on the lookout for the perfect pregnancy mattress, there are companies out there that make mattresses specially designed to give you the most comfort and support during this time. These mattresses come with features that help relieve pressure and support your joints just right. So, considering a mattress from one of these companies, kind of like Original Mattress Factory, could be a smart choice if you’re pregnant and looking for a really comfy bed. But before you decide, it’s a good idea to check out reviews and chat with other expecting moms to find a trustworthy company that can hook you up with the perfect soft mattress for a good night’s rest during pregnancy. And don’t forget to ask your healthcare provider for advice on mattress firmness and how to sleep comfortably during this special time.

  1. A body pillow

Struggling to get a good night’s sleep isn’t just a common problem when the baby arrives. Being pregnant can make getting into a comfortable position for slumber extremely difficult. While many women find they require no extra support to sleep soundly, if you find it tough to drift off, you could use an anime body pillow (or the like). This product is often a large and long squishy cushion which can be arranged to fit and suit your unique shape while you snooze. It can help provide you with maximum comfort while you sleep and give your bump, legs, knees and back the support they need.

Remaining comfortable and content during your pregnancy can be easy, especially if you utilise products such as these.