3 Tips For Keeping Your Family Safe In The Car

Sarah Lifestyle, Travel

One of the most dangerous places that most parents bring their children on a daily basis is inside their own vehicle. Whether you’re on the road or just near a car, you’re opening yourself and your children up for potential harm at almost every turn. Luckily, there are things you can do and steps you can take that will help you reduce the chances of something bad taking place while your family’s in the car, including car accidents or other physical harm. To show you exactly what you can and should do to reduce these risks, here are three tips for keeping your family safe in the car.

Getting Out Of The Car Safely

While the car is actively in motion isn’t the only time that you should be concerned about your children’s safety relating to vehicles. Once you’ve parked and are about to get your kids out of the car, Kidspot.com.au shares that you should never have your kids get out on the side of the car that’s parked on the road. Rather, unbuckle your kids from the inside of the car and have them slide over to the seat closest to the sidewalk in order to get out. This will help to minimize the chances of your child getting hit by a car that’s not paying attention as they drive by you on the street.

Teach Your Kids Car-Appropriate Behavior

Regardless of what the age or temperament of your children are, there are always going to be times where your child will be needier in the car. And while there’s not much you can do to teach your children how to go against this nature at a very young age, as your children mature, you should instill in them the knowledge of what’s appropriate car behavior and what isn’t. According to Parents.com, you should teach your child how important it is that they stay calm and relatively quiet while in the backseat, as to not distract the driver. Share with your kids that any time they take your attention away from the road, they’re putting everyone in danger.

Don’t Let Your Children Play In A Car Unsupervised

Because many kids like to imitate things that they see their parents do, your kids might enjoy playing in the car and pretending to drive, just like Mom or Dad does. And while this might seem cute to you, Jamie Page Deaton, a contributor to U.S. News and World Report, warns against allowing your kids to play in the car like this, especially if they’re unsupervised. Kids can easily push the car into neutral, slam fingers in the car door, or get hurt in any other number of ways. So to be safe, just keep your kids out of the car when you’re not in there with them.

To help your family stay safe, consider using the tips mentioned above to help you and your kids be safer when in the car together.