5 Tech Gadgets to Get Fit in 2019

Sarah Lifestyle

As we start a new year, a lot of you mom’s reading this will be thinking of diet plans and changes to your lifestyle. Particularly if you went a little overboard during the holiday season. Whereas in the past, that might mean joining the gym, taking a class or trying to haul your butt out of bed before work or dragging your carcass out after work to go for a ‘run’, ‘jog’ or ‘walk’. Whatever you choose, it would be some form of exercise or dietary regime that you had stopped by February. You don’t have to continue making those same mistakes. Thanks to the multitude of amazing gadgets out there that can help you lose weight and get fit.

Fit Bit – Activity Trackers

While it is hard to argue with the popularity and serious number of positive reviews by industry experts and customers alike, the Fit Bit for many people is still a serious investment. Having said that, the features and functions it offers, especially on the most recently generation of the world’s most popular activity tracker, make up for the price tag. Once you’ve charged the Fit Bit, downloaded the app to your phone, synced it up – you are good to go. It can tell you all the appropriate metrics you really need to know, such as steps walked, amount of fat burning exercise completed and so much more.

Apple Watches

Again, the Apple Watch is a sizeable investment, but it offers the ease of use you’d expect from an Apple product and a whole slew of amazing features. As well as tracking your activity, it also functions as an extension of your iPhone, in that you can receive text messages, news updates and even play music from it. May not suit all budgets, but if you can afford one and are a fan of Apple, it may be worth considering.


The Firefly is a wearable piece of tech that can be used to help improve and quicken up recovery from minor injuries and after particularly intense workouts. You wear it behind the knee and it will send gentle pulses of electricity that stimulate the lower leg muscles to encourage better blood circulation. It is used by a number of top athletes, including Olympic triathletes and has been clinically tested with conclusive proof that it can help.

Qardio Arm

Keeping an eye on your blood pressure may not be something you immediately thought of when considering what you needed to overhaul your fitness regime. However, if you have extremely low or very high blood pressure anyway or are a runner, it can be beneficial to know your daily numbers. The Qardio Arm has been validated by clinical tests that assure it gives accurate diastolic and systolic blood pressure readings, along with irregular heart beat detection and heart rate monitoring. Can be synced up with your smartphone to give you the chance to watch for trends and learn the impact certain activities have on your heart health.

Smart Scales

Although many women prefer not to count the numbers, others find that display of numbers as a great motivator. Like most things nowadays, you can buy smart scales that have all the bells and whistles, that give you detailed breakdowns of your weight, BMI and whatever else you might like to know. However, if you are just looking for a set that will accurate display your weight, here are some of the better bathroom scales available.