4 Ways To Connect More With Your Children

Sarah Lifestyle

Most parents would like to have the best possible relationship with their children since incredibly fulfilling knowing that you’ve got a secure connection.  Sometimes, despite their best efforts and intentions, however, parents find themselves estranged from their children.

Between work and life, sometimes kids end up feeling neglected by their parents and starving for their attention.  In this age, in particular, many adults are so busy looking at electronic devices that they spend more time paying attention to their screens than their kids.  

Unfortunately, a disconnect between you and your child will only lead to problems for them further down the road.  Psychological side effects of lacking a relationship with parents can range from being abusive to committing crimes.   Therefore, connecting with them is crucial.  Here are some of the best ways to connect more with your kids and build a stable and lasting relationship.

Spend Time One on One

It’s imperative that you spend time with your children one on one.  This is especially important if you have more than one child. Each child should be able to have individual time with the parents where the focus is entirely on them.

Making your kids share your attention regularly is often more convenient, however giving them center stage now and then so they can have your undivided attention all to them is ideal.

Eat Dinner Together

Studies show that eating together as a family every day is an excellent way to bond.  When you eat dinner together, it becomes a ritual which gives you the chance to talk about how everyone’s day went.

When children are given the sense of security of rituals, they know what to expect every day.  This adds confidence and a support system which will provide them with the tools to be more self-assured.

Take an Interest In Their Activities

Even though you may not care very much for their particular interests, it doesn’t hurt to try.  Expressing a genuine interest in what they love is a form of showing love.

Try to take a little time to listen to them speak in depth about the things they love.  You may be surprised to find that you end up liking it!

Encourage Them

Children will feel closer to you and more inclined to trust you if you encourage them frequently.  It can be anything as small as telling them they look great today.  

Some parents make the mistake of only telling their kids when they do something wrong.  However, positive reinforcement is proven to be one of the most effective ways of connecting with your child. Be a supporter and show them that you think they’re doing a great job.