5 Creative Ideas That Will Spice Up Date Night

Sarah Lifestyle

Sustaining a healthy relationship with a partner is hard work.  Relationships of any kind take time and effort from every party involved.  Unfortunately, it may become more difficult to spark interest and excitement in a partner over time.  

Life is full of daily challenges and obligations that distract from our romantic creativity.  Luckily, there is hope.  Spicing up date night is easier than one may think.  Here are a few creative date night ideas that will spice up a long-awaited date night.  

The blind date box adds variety.

The blind date box is filled with random date themes.  Take turns picking randomly from the box and make dating a mysterious adventure.  Throw ideas in the box whenever inspiration strikes.  

For example, a date night themed “explosive” could involve a nuclear fallout scenario.  Another entry into the blind date box could feature a movie theme.  Picture a date night themed around the popular ‘90’s movie, “Ghost.”  

Plan a private cocktail party.

Set up a private cocktail party for that special someone.  After a long day’s work, greet a loved one with shakers, a martini, and a note requesting their presence in the back yard.  Set up blankets in the grass and a warm bonfire for ambiance.  Break out the fancy glasses, and loosen up a bit.  

The presence of a hot tub will always make this idea a tiny bit spicier, but it is not a necessary accessory.  Creativity is far more sexy to most people than a yard full of expensive toys.  

Enhance the senses.

Intimacy comes easier with heightened senses.  Tease someone with the smell of a new cologne or the look and feel of a silky dress.  When the chemistry is already present, arousing the senses only makes everything better.  

Wear a brighter shade of red lipstick or share some dark chocolates.  Taste is also a fun and tantalizing tool.  Try preparing foods that are known aphrodisiacs to help spice up the atmosphere.  

Lighting is always important.

Lighting can be very sexy, or it can be very obtrusive.  One creative lighting idea is to utilize a string of firefly lights to spell out something sweet.  Arrange the stringed lights to form the word love on the wall next to a blanket fort and enjoy decadent treats.  

Sketch one another in the buff.

If the goal is to create a deeper level of intimacy between partners, then consider a drawing session.  Play some soft music in the background and practice drawing each other’s specific curves and crevices.  Study each other’s faces and form.  It is incredibly sexy and forces the two people to take the time to indulge in the other’s physical design.