5 Easy Rainy Day Activities For Kids

Sarah Lifestyle

Unfortunately, it can’t be summer all year long, and it’s not always an option to go to the beach or play in the backyard.  Rainy days are usually a time for staying indoors and having to come up with creative ways to get your little ones to stay entertained.  For some parents, it’s harder than others.

If you’re not much of a Pinterest fan, chances are that you’re not into making complicated art projects out of mason jars and pipe cleaners.  That doesn’t mean that you can’t have a perfectly good time indoors on a rainy day, however!

Here are some easy and fun activities that you can do on those rainy and grey days.

Watch Videos Together

Rather than putting your kid in front of the television and walking away to do housework, why not make it a fun activity that you can do together?  Watching fun videos on YouTube like Shawn Toy Car Channel or putting on a movie can be a fun way to enjoy something together as a bonding activity.

If you don’t have Netflix or Hulu yet, then it’s time you got with the program! These streaming sites are the perfect remedy for those rainy days when you’re stuck indoors.

Have a Dance Party

Put on some tunes and dance together!  You may not be able to expel your little one’s energy by letting them run outside, but you can still tire them out dancing.  

Not only will they have a great time laughing, but you’ll have a chance to get in touch with your inner child as well!

Bubble Bath

There’s nothing like a good old bubble bath to kill some time.  Filling the tub full of warm suds and playing with some bath toys will keep them entertained for a considerable amount of time.

Have a big tub? Consider hopping in with them! You can enjoy watching them have a ball with bubbles and enjoy a warm bath yourself.  Some might even call that killing two birds with one stone!

Make Slime

Slime is all the rage these days with the younger generations.  Why not make some slime of your own? It’s surprisingly simple to make too.  There are some recipes which only require as little as one or two ingredients.

You can add food coloring, textures, and even glitter!

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Play a Game

Back to the basics.  There’s nothing like a good old board game on a rainy day.  If there’s only two of you, it may be complicated, but you can always create your own rules!

If you’re feeling extra motivated, you could put together a puzzle or even teach them a classic like chess!  These are extra long activities which should keep both of you occupied for a good while.