Reasons why travelling abroad is essential for young people.

Sarah Lifestyle

In high school and college, you are likely to be encouraged to study abroad. It may seem like you have a lot to do. Therefore, you do not seriously consider these options because you want to travel later in life. I want to teach you the best to way travel, at any moment in life.

The five main reasons for an early stay abroad:

  1. You leave your comfort zone.

As young people, most of us have a reasonably well-established comfort zone. At home with mom and dad, in a community, you have experienced a good deal of your life. You have your friends, your activities, your meeting places and possible jobs. We feel comfortable in these daily roles, and the idea of ​​breaking them can be scary and uncomfortable.

  1. They develop cultural sensitivity.

Many people consider this cultural norm to be more critical, it is much more critical than the Spaniards attach great importance to family time. Eating with your family is more important for them than having a sandwich at their desks.  An awareness of cultural values ​​and norms is not only fascinating, but it can also help us understand international issues and conflicts, or even reference the cultural norms of a foreign trading partner. It’s a remarkable ability to change perspective and see where another comes from.

  1. You can adapt to globalisation.

Like it or not, with the Internet and social networks, we are globalising fast. It is not unlikely that you will get a job while working on business or attending conference calls with international business partners. In our globalised world, it is essential to be sensitive to culture and to know a foreign language. In the business world, a stay abroad can give you a competitive advantage. Take advantage of trust and help you in your business.

  1. Immerse yourself in a second (or third language)

Before I lived abroad, I never really understood how beautiful it is to master or even master another language. In the United States, we do not need another language because many would say so. Once abroad, you realise that, especially in Europe, almost everyone you meet speaks at least two languages with some skill.

In the United States, we have a slight disadvantage because we cannot leave the country geographically as quickly as the Europeans. All the more important is travelling, especially for us. I would say that in the globalised world it can only be beneficial to speak another language. Not to mention that it opens a new world of people to connect with now and understand that you never had the opportunity to know if you never learned your language.

  1. Endless networking opportunities

I have studied and worked abroad and have built precious links. If you’re interested in an international job or just a couch to stay in a country you love, never underestimate the value of networks, wherever you are.

The best advice I can give you as much as possible during your travels. This will undoubtedly make your stay more enjoyable also, you never know when these relationships will be helpful in the future.