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Make Up! This is what is trending for females and guys now! And shopping for makeup is always so exciting because you do not know what latest products will hit the shelf before you get there. Who’s fighting for the last highlighter on the shelf. Let’s look at Sarah Hyland, the Modern Family actress that has it all sorted with her make up must haves and tips.

As you know, Sarah Hyland likes to keep it simple and sometimes intense, just like Lucky Pants Bingo’s darling, Betty. Betty always makes sure she’s well groomed, especially when she visits the roomies in Lucky Stripes! Do you know where Lucky Stripes is? Well you’ll find it at the best online bingo site-

Sarah Hyland’s Make Up Steps: Golden Look.

  1. Primer- Apply Primer on your eye lids and blend so it gives your eye shadow a firm hold and won’t smudge.
  2. Eye Brow Fillers- Use these to fill in your eyebrows and shape them accordingly and to define them.
  3. Eyebrow Brush- Brush them out to blend in.
  4. Eye Shadow- Use a bronze cream eyeshadow as a base for your eye lids. Get a light shimmery shade and apply it to the inner corner of your eyes to highlight.
  5. Take a dark brown eyeshadow shade and apply it to the ends of your eyes to create a cat eye look and blend it in well then apply it to your lower lids. Finally use a golden shade to enhance the look and blend that in thoroughly to your lids and lower lids. Finally take a dark shade of purple or blue and lightly blend it with the ends of your eye makeup.
  6. Eye Pencil– Take a purple or blue eye pencil and apply it to your lower and line.
  7. Gel Eye Liner– Apply this to your upper water line, this will make your eyes pop!

To finish off your eye makeup, take a light pink shade of eye shadow and brush it up you’re your brow bone.

  1. Fake Eye Lashes- Grab your favourite pair of eye lashes. Adjust the length if they are too long by cutting them. Then apply a thin line of glue along the edges and wait 30 seconds so that the glue gets tacky and sticks right away. Place the eye lashes on your lid and slightly adjust them with tweezers.
  2. Concealer- Use a concealer that blends in with your skin. And apply your concealer as a triangle facing down under your eyes, and your forehead and blend that in with a blending brush. This is to highlight the parts of your face where you want it to stand out and it also gets rid of any blemishes.
  3. Powder- Pat the places where you applied your concealer just to set it the product.
  4. Bronzer- Since Sarah Hyland always has a golden look to her face, we’re aiming for that. So, using the bronzer Apply the bronzer to your lining of your forehead, your cheek bones, your jaw line and down your neck.
  5. Cream blush and Highlighter- Apply the cream blush to the hollows of your face and blend in. Get your favourite highlighter and apply it to your brow bones and your cheek bones then blend that in.
  6. Lips- We’re aiming for a nude pink look. Use a light pink lip liner to line the edges of your lips then use a nude pink lipstick and apply that on your lips then finalise your lips with some lip gloss.