Diapers: Your Guide to Surviving the First Year

Sarah Home, Lifestyle

Perhaps one of the first things you think about when considering what supplies you need to keep on hand for your baby is diapers. It’s an inevitable part of parenthood, and it’s important to make sure you have everything you need to make diaper changes a success. So what do you need to know and what supplies do you need on hand to help you survive that first year? Take a look at some of our tips for making diaper changes a breeze!

Stock Smart

The first thing you’ll want to consider is how you want to stock up on diapers. You’ll find that your baby may breeze through one size of diapers in a short period of time, while they stay in another size for months and months. There’s nothing worse than having a practically full box of diapers only to have no need for them a week after opening it. Do some research to see how long most babies stay in a particular size to gauge how you can stock smart.

Must Have Supplies

You’ll find that there’s more supplies you’ll need for diaper changes outside of diapers and baby wipes. Keep some baby powder nearby, as well as diaper rash ointment for anything that might flair up. You may have to experiment with a number of ointments before you find one that works best for your baby, so don’t be afraid to grab a handful of options to ensure you find the best one. You’ll also want to be mindful to keep a set of clean clothes nearby in case you encounter a blow out.

Keep Baby Distracted

As your little one gets older, they’ll acquire some new tricks and skills. Once they start learning how to grab things and roll over, you’ll want to be prepared with something to keep them distracted during diaper changes. Keep a small toy in your diaper bag or changing station to hand your little one during diaper changes to ensure you can get them changed as quickly and painlessly as possible.

Be Ready When on the Go

Speaking of diaper bags, it’s crucial that you keep your diaper bag well stocked with everything you’ll need for diaper changes on the go. Anything you’ll need at home, from diapers to ointments to distraction toys, is something you’ll also want to include in your diaper bags. Looking for a good bag option? These diaper bags are cute and have plenty of space for all of your supplies!

Nighttime Diaper Changes

Many parents wonder what the best course of action is for nighttime diaper changes. You want to make sure that your little one is clean and comfortable, but you don’t necessarily want to wake them up to make it happen. Rebecca Michi, a renowned sleep consultant, advises that “it’s best to change your baby’s diaper every 2-3 hours, but don’t feel like you need to wake them up to do it. Make a diaper change part of their nighttime eating routine.”

So as you prepare yourself for everything that comes with having a baby, be sure to consider what you can do to make it through that first year of diaper changes. Establishing a routine and finding a rhythm with diaper changes can make a huge difference for you and for your little one!