How to Keep Your Home Tidy When You Have a Toddler

Sarah Lifestyle

Keeping a tidy home is a challenge for anyone, but it becomes even harder when you have a small human throwing food, crawling around the floors, and playing with a million different toys. It can be stressful as a parent, especially when you already feel like you’re spending most of your time cleaning up after your kid. Fortunately, there are some simple ways to ensure your home stays (reasonably) tidy when you have a toddler – here they are.

Buy Easy to Clean Items

Your shopping habits must change once a child comes into the picture. While once you might have opted for wallpaper, carpet, and delicate items, you must now prioritize easy-to-clean surfaces, especially where food is involved. Bibado has a baby led weaning bib for mealtimes, reducing the chance of food ending up all over the floor.

Create a Chore Schedule

Creating a chore schedule means you’re more likely to keep on top of the tidying. Fit it into your usual morning/evening routine, so it doesn’t feel like too much work. If you usually wake up and make a pot of coffee, for example, try doing a load of washing or sweeping the floor while the coffee brews. If you live with a partner or anybody else, include them in the chore schedule, too. It can’t all be left to one person!

Declutter Your Home

Your home is only going to get messier the more items you have, so take the time to do an entire house declutter. You’ll probably find plenty of old items you no longer need! Take it one room at a time so that you don’t overwhelm yourself, and carry a box for “maybe” items so that you don’t have to make too many hard decisions along the way. If you put some music on and get stuck into it, decluttering can be fun!

Only Keep Some Toys Out at One Time

The chances are your little one owns lots of toys – more than they play with. While you might not want to throw any out (and I’m sure your kid doesn’t want you to!), you should choose an area in the home for toy storage. Don’t worry, as that doesn’t mean they’ll never get played with; it just means you’ll have to keep a toy rotation going. That way, there’ll be much less toy mess, and your kid will never get bored of their toys. Just remember to leave their absolute favorites out!

Teach Your Kids to Tidy After Themselves

Once your little one is big enough to pick items up and put them down, you should teach them about putting things where they belong. While your toddler might not be able to wash the dishes or take out the bins, they can put their toys back in a box once they’ve finished playing. Make tidying easier for them by keeping open trash cans and toy boxes on the floor at the side of each room.

No house with children is perfectly tidy all of the time, but by making chores easier on yourself, you won’t feel quite so overwhelmed with tidying.