How to Plan a Wedding in 2020

Sarah Lifestyle

Love knows no boundaries, but what if the boundary is a pandemic? 2020 sure does hold a lot of surprises but this doesn’t mean you have to cancel your plans. Every place has imposed restrictions and this can give issues to your wedding plans. 

Don’t worry, you can still tie the knot! You need to know what limitations in your area and what proper protocols need to be followed. Remember that your wedding doesn’t only involve you and your significant other. 

How hard can planning a 2020 wedding be? What are the things you should look out for? Will you be safe to have your wedding in the middle of a pandemic? Read more about how to handle the challenges of getting married in 2020 below.

To Wed or Not to Wed, That Is the Question

First off, don’t feel down if you feel like every plan is falling apart. Your wedding should be something that you want to do when you’re ready. Don’t treat it as a chore, and most of all, don’t put yourself or others in danger no matter what.

  1. Be Aware of What’s Going On

Watch the news and read up on health guidelines. If you already have chosen a location, check their quarantine rules and regulations. Some places allow small gatherings depending on the occasion. You can also ask authorities in the area for what you need to know and if you need permission for the gathering.

  1. Contact Everyone Involved in the Wedding

The pandemic will demand a lot of changes to your original plan. It’s important that you relay these changes with everyone involved in the wedding. The earlier that you contact them, the better. You will need to know which services are still available to cater to your wedding. You also need to check in with guests if they can attend or not. 

  1. Hire a Wedding Planner

If everything seems too much for you, get a wedding planner. Some people worry that wedding planners will opt to move their weddings until next year. But there are other ways around this. You can always limit the number of guests that you have, moving the venue to somewhere there is less restriction, or changing the date. A seasoned wedding planner will be able to help you out with these details. They can also get you your rings whether it’s a diamond wedding band or a simple one from local jewelers like Luxury Diamonds.

  1. Take the Necessary Precautions

The most important thing to do is to keep everyone’s health and safety on top priority. Sure it can be a challenge to keep everything under control in situations like these, but be calm. Plan your decisions with care and with a sound mind. Always check health guidelines especially on how to handle small gatherings. 

Be open to changes, whether it is smaller scale weddings or even virtual weddings. Other couples also face the same problem but it’s up to you on how to make-do with the current situation. Your wedding is still a celebration of your love and union no matter how or when it’s going to happen.