Keep Your Windows Clear and Clean Using Paper Shopping Bags

Sarah Home, Lifestyle

Everyone likes to keep their windows nice and clean – the good news is that you don’t need any fancy or expensive products to get it done. In fact, you can have your windows crystal clear using nothing more than paper shopping bags.

Some people will tell you to use newspaper, but newspapers generally use cheaper ink that runs and leaves marks – clearly something you want to avoid on your windows. A wadded-up paper bag is a much better option, especially since you often get them free with your shopping.

To get started, all you need is window cleaner and a regular old paper bag – you just want to make sure it has no printing. Of course, you’ll also need some dirty windows to clean!

Start by grabbing your glass cleaner and giving both the glass and your folded-up paper bag a quick spray. Wipe away the liquid with quick, smooth motions to get things clean and clear. Take a look at the paper every now and then to see just how much dirt and grime you’re taking off your windows. You can clean a surprising amount of glass with just a single piece of paper, but it’s best to change things up after the paper collects a healthy amount of dirt and grime.

When you’re done, you should have windows that are unbelievably streak and fuzz-free. Most people find the results even better than when using the old standards, such as paper towels or even microfibre towels, but we know it’s just one more great way to reuse paper bags around the house. You can even use paper bags to get wax out of your carpet and make household knick-knacks. Just take a quick look online to discover a vast array of possibilities!