Pet Tech: Gadgets To Help Improve Your Pets’ Lives

Sarah Lifestyle

As technology continues to become more prevalent in our daily lives, one industry has taken on the trend of digitally enhancing their products: Pet care. More than 67% of American households own at least one pet. With over 300 million mammals, birds and the miscellaneous amphibians in homes across the U.S., there’s probably a gadget or two that could enhance your pet-owning experience.

Owning a pet isn’t for the faint of heart. With regular play time, attention, food and supplies, medical care and other expenses, an animal can quickly gobble a large piece of your spending pie and social calendar. Chances are you already own some type of smart technology that is used on a daily basis, so it makes sense for that computerization to shift to pet care. Fortunately, there are gadgets and services that make animal care more convenient and enjoyable for both of you.

Many millennials buy their pet a gift at least once a month, and pet-related social media accounts are popping up all over Twitter and Instagram, some accruing thousands of followers. Whether it’s sustainable products, overall care or other luxuries, younger people tend to spend more on their furry friends — and every pet owner could benefit from a technological upgrade.

Gone are the days when the pet products in your home only included a food bowl, a leash, a cage, and a tennis ball or mouse on a stick. Pet technology — commonly referred to as “pettech” — is a phenomenon that joins artificial intelligence and veterinary equipment to improve the lives of pets. It typically unlocks a new level of animal health and wellbeing by allowing you to track health, lifestyle habits and overall happiness of your furry friend. For more on this, check out the infographic below!