Things I Look for in a Dentist

Sarah Health

When it comes to selecting a dentist or other medical professionals there are a few important criteria that I generally look for. Becoming a parent has made this same criteria become even more crucial.


I really prefer dentists that are in their mid 30’s to mid 40’s. I’ve worked with older dentists that were obviously experienced. My concern was that they were a little out of touch and not current with technology or practices. I’m sure most dentists straight out school are fantastic and well trained. That being said, I’d still rather go to someone I know who has been in the industry for a few years. It’s just something comforting to me knowing the medical professional has had enough experience and seen enough scenarios to know how to respond.

Personable Communication

This is important to me when it comes to any medical professional. I’m the type of person that wants to really understand the procedures and what is going to happen to me. If I ever get the impression that he or she is frustrated answering my questions, I automatically wonder if this is a great fit for me and my needs. Great dentists like the staff at Hawley Lane Dental understand the importance of listening to their patients.

I love websites that have video interviews. I feel like this really helps me get a chance to observe the dentist before I decide to visit them.

Having a dentist that is friendly and patient is particularly important for me if I am choosing them to care for my children. They can be wiggly, difficult and often uncertain of strangers. Selecting a dentist that is inviting and warm is huge when it comes to my family’s experience.

Trained Staff

This applies to every individual I encounter at the office. I want to feel confident in the abilities of the hygienists, assistants and even the reception staff. The office staff is often your first encounter with the company. It may just be the fact that first impression goes a long way but when I make that first call, I really want to feel confident the person I am talking with has a solid head on their shoulders.

Overall Office Experience

It’s important to me that the facility is clean, orderly and feels professional. Office pictures on the website or business listings are huge for me. I’ve never agreed to meet with a physician of any kind without first checking out their office.

Current Patient Opinions

Reading reviews on Google or Yelp is one thing, having a positive personal opinion of someone I know and trust is way more influential in my decision process. If I have friends, family or neighbors speaking positively of their experience, that’s a huge plus for me. This isn’t a must but definitely a selling factor.

Selecting a qualified dentist is an important decision especially if you have children. If you’re in the process of selecting a dentist, do your homework, ask friends, read reviews online. The suggestions I’ve made in this blog post may not be as important to you. However, I’ve never had a negative medical experience because I have been very selective!