Things you can do to protect your home when on vacation

Sarah Home

The house is most vulnerable when the owner of the house is not around. This includes the few hours the owner has to leave the house to go to work on a daily basis if the house is always empty during those periods. However, it would be at a higher level of vulnerability when the owner is going on a vacation and there is not going to be anybody home for days, weeks or even more than a month. Here are some ways you can keep your home secure when you are going on a vacation.

Security and alarm systems
Installing security and alarm systems is one of the best ways to keep your house secure when you are going on a vacation. The security and alarm systems would inform the security company about any movements around and within your house during the duration of your trip. Of course, it would be important to inform the security company about the fact that you are not going to be home and for how long. If your plans changed (coming back earlier or later), they should also be updated. When you are finally back, you should also inform them of the instant you get in. These will help them to know when they should bother about any movement at all and when they should only bother when you signal the alarm system. Having lighting systems that can automatically come on in the evenings and go off in the mornings could give a hint of activities within the house and discourage those that only find it comfortable robbing houses that are empty at night.

Another thing you can do to protect your home when on vacation is to get a housesitter. There are housesitter companies that you can contact and they would send someone to your house during the period of your trip. It is important to read reviews and other information about trusted housesitters before you settle for a company. This is to avoid a case where the housesitter would end up robbing some of your property and denying it or robbing all of your property and disappearing. The right housesitter would be able to help you protect your property, ensure that hazards such as fire and electricity are checked and properly take care of as well as help take care of your pets among others.

Informing neighbors about your trip
Informing your neighbors about your trip is another way to secure your house. They would be able to look out and report any suspicious movement around your property to security agencies or check it out themselves during the duration of your trip.

Putting your house in order
Beyond the threat of criminals, your house could also be at risk if you do not put everything in order before traveling. Ensure that all electronics are off except automatic lighting or outdoor lighting as the case might be. If possible, unplug them totally to prevent any case of power issues causing a fire hazard. You should also ensure that the house is properly cleaned to avoid a case where rats and other pests would take over your home before you come back.