What Are Timber Joists and What Timber is Best?

Sarah Home

A timber joist is horizontal and structural, it is used in framing to span an open space, it can also be used between beams, in decking and much more. Joists must exhibit the strength to support the load for a long period of time.

What are the benefits of using Joists?

  • Timber is a natural and renewable resource that is made from fast growing trees that are replanted after they are harvested, this means you are using a sustainable material.
  • Timber is a very cost-efficient material, there are a vast number of timbers available all ranging from different costs and colours. Using timber can help save time and effort due to its strength, durability and size.
  • Timber is a thermally efficient material which benefits the build and is cost saving.
  • Here at Timbersource we provide timber that is made bespoke to you, this means that you can order in any dimensions or shape you require

What timbers are best for joists?

Spruce Pine – this timber consists of the heartwood being reddish brown and the sapwood colouring to a yellowish white. Overall, Spruce Pine works fairly well with most tools and glues and finishes well. The timber has a lower density than most other species hence its distribution is more generally restricted to local timber needs and plywood production. For more advice on timber joists, give Timbersource a call. Click Here to get in touch.

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