What Makes Happy, Healthy Families?

Sarah Lifestyle

If you’re a parent or soon-to-be parent, you probably struggle with the idea of not being the best or not doing enough for your family. Most days, you will doubt your abilities as a parent, and you will think that your family is not as happy or as healthy as you think it should be. And you know what: that’s okay. It means that you’re trying your best and there is a very high likelihood that yours is one of the happiest families out there.

But as you doubt your abilities and your capacity as an excellent parent, you should know that you are not alone- which is why we’ve created this article to help you find a little joy. You might find that you are not doing everything listed below and it might make you feel bad, but at the end of the day, you will learn one more thing you could do with your family to create more enriching experiences.

It’s also important to remember that your presence in your kids’ life, despite your demanding job as a doctor or a tax lawyer Vancouver, is vital to the happiness of your family and you are doing well.

Here are some of the inspiring ways and things you could do for a healthier, happier family.


Touch carries a lot of power, and it’s essential in building strong family bonds. So, hug your children and spouse, have Saturday/ Sunday morning cuddles and just be that bed pile. It’s worth it, and it doesn’t matter what you do. Wriggling, tickling, wrestling, reading, talking, or giggling all go a long way in boosting happiness in your home. Allow your children to be children. Even as your kids grow and feel too cool for snuggles, encourage them. It will bring you closer, and the best part is that cuddling melts all the stress away.

Sing along to and dance to your favorite tunes

Happy families enjoy music off all kinds, and it doesn’t matter if your voices are sultry or croaky, just sing and dance along. Dancing and singing along to music is a great mood booster. Music is also important on those long car rides because they make those trips endurable, and they also broaden cultural horizons while helping your kids through tasks and challenges.

Also, you could make up your own lyrics to your favorite songs. Parodies will helps in making your home happier.

Maintain balance

Did you know that overindulgence in competitive activities and placing too much emphasis on top performance will make your kids less happy? Of course, you do, hence your happy home. As you encourage your kids to do their best in school and in extracurricular activities, you should also carve time for fun and play. Play together, cook together, go for walks, or visit a friend or a relative (allow your kids to organize the surprise). Such activities teach kids that they are valued, no matter what, and it will push them to take on more healthy risks.

Smart snacking

If you always eat healthy snacks, your kids will pick on that and emulate you. And if you run every Saturday or Sunday morning, you’ll be surprised that they will be willing to join you. Such small and unforced habits cultivate happy and healthy homes.

Don’t forget to celebrate and read together!