What’s The Truth About Dumex Mamil Gold?

Sarah Health

If you are a new parent, you’ve no doubt heard the name Dumex or Mamil Gold or something similar. Heck, it is even entirely possible that this is the formula that your child was given in the hospital. Whatever the situation is, you are at least familiar with the name. That being said, this is one company along with its products that are being boasted about. What is this the case? What are hospitals opting to use this formula over the competition?

Products That Mimics Breast Milk

Well, the very first thing that you need to know about Dumex products is that they try to get their products as close as they can to breast milk. Why is this important? Because breast milk is without a doubt the safest and most nutritious way to feed your child during the early developmental years of his or her life. Breast milk contains all the essential nutrients and vitamins that your child needs to naturally age and develop. This is why the scientists at Dumex are working around the clock to accurately engineer products and ingredients that are as close to natural breast milk as possible.

Now, you may be wondering if breast milk is the best then why don’t every mother just breastfeed? Well, some mothers are simply opposed to the practice or can’t. Whatever the situation is, everyone should have an equal right to provide their kids with the nutrition that they need to develop and age properly.

Going Above And Beyond

Choosing a product or formula for your baby is important. However, the company behind that product is just as important. And, this is just another area where the Dumex name and Dumex Mamil Gold products excel. All you have to do is take the time to do a little bit of research and you’ll clearly see that Dumex and their products excel in their mission. They are currently part of the Groupe Danone and are one of the most successful healthy food companies in the world. They have stores and shops located on five different continents and hold top positions in health nutrition. They study, research, and offer everything from bottled water to fresh produce. Their goal is to give everyone access to healthy food and nutrition. And, it is safe to say that they have done just that and more throughout the years.

Breaking New Ground

Most people already know that the first few years of a child’s life are without a doubt the most important. This is when your child will be going through crucial development stages and phases. Well, there was a time when this wasn’t known. It was, in fact, the Dumex company that discovered this through hard and dedicated research. Not only did they discover that your child needs proper nutrition during the first few years of his or her life, but they discovered exactly what that nutrition is and how to deliver it to them. That’s exactly what you get when you invest in Dumex baby products.