When Can You Safely Go Running with a Baby?

Sarah Lifestyle

If lapping up some of the great outdoors scenery in your trainers formed a regular part of your pre-childbirth exercise routine, you’ll naturally be raring to get back to it soon after your baby is born. You’ll have to wait a bit though, because it’s definitely not a good idea to go running with baby so soon after birth.

How long exactly will you have to wait though?

First, listen to what your strong instincts tell you

There’s definitely an exact figure recommended by way of the number of months you should wait before it’s safe to go jogging, with baby effectively leading the way in a stroller. It won’t be just any ordinary stroller either, because of the intricate dynamics around postnatal care.

You’re encouraged to first listen to what instinct tells you so that you can build up some confidence in what will emerge to be some natural motherly instincts you may not know you’ve always had, especially if you’re a first-time mother, or if you only really started incorporating cardio into your health and fitness regime after you had any children.

So what does this first instinct tell you? It tells you that you should wait a bit and the fact that you’re researching about how long exactly you should wait means your motherly instincts are working very well. You’d be doing yourself a world of good learning to trust them…

Even if there’s a justifiable desire to want to go against these instincts which are telling you to wait, your body and mind will let you know in many other ways that trying to immediately get back is not a good idea at all. For instance, you have a strong desire not to want to leave baby alone for even a single moment, which will overcome any desire to even think about going out for a jog.

You simply won’t feel like going for a jog, with or without baby.

You’ll learn to appreciate the changed state of your body and want to soak in all the unique experiences around your body slowly moving away from being modified to nurture a baby. So something like enjoying what your tongue craves over a session in the gym will be uniquely rewarded with something like a skin that glows in a unique way, more energy perhaps, etc…

What the experts say

Basically what it comes down to is a minimum of six months, as per the collective opinion of experts, but in some instances you would have to wait a further two months to make it eight. As suggested, even then, you’d need to hit the tracks with something like the jeep adventure all terrain jogger stroller, as a normal one simply won’t do. It’s all about keeping your baby safe from the possible effects of sudden movements, the momentum that comes with jogging, and what may seem like basic actions being too much for the delicate, developing body of your baby.

When in doubt always ask your primary care giver.