5 Qualities That Make a Great Parent

Sarah Home

Most parents set out with the best intentions in the world when they have children.  They read all of the parenting books that they can get their hands on, they watch a few documentaries, and cross their fingers that they’ll manage to keep their kids alive over the next eighteen years.

Although educating yourself through books has its advantages, parenting isn’t just cerebral.  It’s about giving your child the tools to flourish and supporting their individuality through love and admiration.  When it comes to the most essential qualities parents, need to help their children blossom, here are the ones that stand out most.



A good parent knows that it’s not only important to take care of their little ones, but also themselves.  Giving everything to your children without taking a moment to give back to yourself only leads to burnout.

In addition to spending time with your children and your home life, you should also take time in between to have moments by yourself so that you can maintain your individuality.  That means getting a nanny sometimes so you can do something social, or take a nap when you need one.



Even though it isn’t always convenient to be consistent with the rules, you’ll get the best results out of your children.  Children crave regularity and rules which don’t bend. If you create a rule or routine, it’s important to follow through with it.  Otherwise, you’ll create bad habits, and they won’t take you seriously when you enforce the rules.

When your children know that what you say isn’t going to budge, they’ll actually respect you and love you more for it.



Humans thrive on love and physical touch.  From the moment that babies come out of their mothers, they want to be held and protected.  Although they become more independent as they get older, the need for hugs and cuddles is still strong.

A good parent gives a kiss and a hug regularly and shows love through actions and words. Teaching a child how much they are loved won’t spoil them, but make them more secure and content.



It takes an enormous amount of patience to be the parent of a child.  Since you’re the one that is required to guide them through life from ground zero, it’s up to you to help them through their mistakes.

Children aren’t entirely developed yet until they’re at least a decade old, so it’s up to you to still love them and have patience with their curiosity and flowing emotions which can often get them into trouble.  It may not always be easy to be patient, but with enough practice, a good parent is able to be the adult rather than revert to losing their cool.