Advanced PayPal Deployment Review

Sarah Lifestyle

After spending two days with PayPal’s new QuickPay product, I’m taking a different view than I did the other day on Intuit’s TurboTax product. I still don’t have a problem with the products, but PayPal’s QuickPay product just seems like it should be pretty simple.

Every time I make a payment, my PayPal account automatically recognizes it as a purchase and moves money from my checking account into PayPal’s account. It also creates a receipt for me that goes into my QuickPay folder. There I can review it or create a second receipt and email it to myself. That’s cool.

There’s also an option to pay with another credit card, a check or a PayPal account. This is also cool, but my experience was that this option isn’t used nearly as often as I expected.

I’m also impressed with PayPal’s fraud protection. Any online casino PayPal supports has that extra layer of security, inherently. If I noticed a charge on my card that seemed suspicious, PayPal should be able to contact me and allow me to cancel the purchase immediately. If it’s a fraud, then my account will be closed and my funds moved to another credit card.

We’re still working through the product, but I expect the review to change dramatically when the review changes the payment type to include credit cards. For now, though, PayPal’s QuickPay is a good product.

Reviewing QuickPay For Intuit

Here’s what I know after a couple of days of using QuickPay for Intuit’s TurboTax product:

I’m loving the design. This makes it easy to see who is completing my return. I love how it’s set up in the right-hand corner, showing who is paying my taxes. I also like how there are suggestions for my TurboTax tax questions and answers on the right side.

It’s very easy to use the credit card option to pay my taxes. For TurboTax, there’s also a Paying With PayPal button that takes me directly to PayPal’s payment page to finish the transaction.

This is the first year that Intuit has offered a QuickPay product. While I’m impressed with the overall design and look and feel, I really like that Intuit went out of its way to get this product reviewed by tech journalists and to make it easy to pay my taxes through the QuickPay site.

For Intuit’s TurboTax customers who aren’t happy with Intuit’s new tax product, it’s easy to switch to QuickPay. All they have to do is use PayPal’s account management feature to create a new QuickPay account.

For those who are happy with TurboTax and have no problem using Intuit’s website and store, I doubt they’ll change their mind.

QuickPay Review: A Simple Response To A Complaint

I’ve been making a lot of comments on sites like Google Plus and PayPal about my frustration with Intuit’s new tax product. For two days, I’ve been wondering whether Intuit’s response was a reaction to me or to how the tax product has been received by others.

After spending two days with QuickPay, I still don’t have a solution.

With QuickPay, Intuit finally implemented an online payment tool that I’ve been complaining about for years. I’m impressed with Intuit’s response.